Le Mans Classic 2014
- July 4-6, 2014

LMC2012 LMC2012

As I'm sure you are all aware, the 2014 Le Mans Classic, run by Peter Auto of France, takes place from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th July. This biennial event began in 2002 and has grown to become one of, if not the most popular historic race meeting. Le Mans cars, from 1923 to 1979, including GT40s of course, will be racing again between the traditional times of 4 pm Saturday to 4 pm Sunday. The GT40 Enthusiasts Club has been represented at every one of the 6 previous meetings by a growing number of members and cars; we expect a similarly large turnout at this next one. Bookings As previously, we have enlisted professional help with the arrangements and issue of passes. For 2014 this will be in the hands of On Site Events www.onsite-events.com
The main contact is Greg Thrale Tel 01425 650762.
For the complete briefing with accommodation & parking details click here.
Pete Thompson

Parade des Pilotes
- June 13, 2014

24LeMans2012 24LeMans2012

We still have 2 spaces open for the 24 Hours Le Mans, Parade des Pilotes held in the streets of le Mans the Friday before the race. So far we have the following club members signed up: Adrian Wynn, Jan & Tony Jasper, Ege Ferguson and Stephen Tomks. If you are interested please contact me asp.
Paul Kinghan

Goodwood Revival Data
Original GT40 Owners List

For those who are interested in the listing of original GT40 owners in the Goodwood Revival, these may help you put names to cars. Also we still have outstanding questions on certain vehicle chassis, please call me if you can help.
GT40OriginalsOwners1 GT40OriginalsOwners2 Best regards
Paul Brameld

GT40 EC Forum

Added to our main Menu is a portal to the GT40 Enthusiasts Club Forum. This has been made possible by the courtesy of Ron Earp and the GT40s.com organization. Since we both are working to achieve the same end goals, a cooperative relationship has developed between our Club and the GT40s.com organization. We consider a natural first step is sharing resources. We encourage our Club members to make use of this forum link to exchange ideas and post notices.

Le Mans Classic Track Laps!
- July 4, 2014

As a result of behind the scenes negotiations, the organizers have made a complete reversal, which has given our Club limited track time on Friday evening. We will share this with other marks as in previous years. For details call me.
Paul Brameld

Le Mans Classic Update
- July 4-6, 2014


As at 14th Jan, about 25 Club passes have been applied for, but about 70% of available accommodation is full. If you have not booked up yet, it would be wise to do this asap, so as not to be disappointed with the remaining availability.
A 50 year celebration dinner at the Hotel de France at La Chartre (historic GT40 team base) is definitely planned for the Sunday evening. To contact Classic GT for a reservation, click here.
Also, a Club lunch at the circuit may be possible on the Saturday, if suitable pricing and venue can be secured through On Site Events. This can be added into your package at a later date, so don't let it delay your booking. Again, watch out for details.
Pete Thompson

GT40 is 50 Years Old

In 1964, the first prototype of the Ford GT, produced by Ford Advanced Vehicles (FAV), emerged and was quickly nicknamed the GT40. This was a reference to the car's 40" overall height. It was, effectively, a 2-seat Formula 1 chassis monocoque, with mid-engine and suspension geometry following F1 layout. This was, then, a completely new concept that has been followed by countless supercars. Ford had to produce a run of 100 cars to gain homologation as a production racer. After winning Le Mans in 1966, FAV was sold and became JWA, who carried on producing the cars, racing with sponsorship from Gulf Oil. They were Le Mans winners, again, in 1968 and 1969. The 100 production chassis run still remains incomplete, P/1089 being regarded as the last of these 'original' cars which was completed in 1998! In the meantime, other manufacturers picked up the baton and started producing their own versions of the GT40 theme. From Safir, who had permission to carry on the chassis numbering sequence, to the present day, cars are still produced in numerous countries to varying specifications, but all to the same layout - Ford V8 engine and with the iconic, familiar original body style. Some examples of current production are sufficiently accurate to the original specification to be allowed in Historic Racing.
The GT40 concept therefore has been in continuous production for 50 years.
There is a thriving Club for all friends of the marque, whether owners or not, aptly named The GT40 Enthusiasts Club, which organises events, from monthly meetings, static shows and track days, to participation in competitive sprints etc. The latest Club magazine is, happily, the 100th in that series! The club welcomes new members, young or old, to join in the ongoing saga of the GT40. For the complete unabridged press release click here.

Annual General Meeting
- May 18, 2014

The AGM this year will be held on 18th May at 1200 in Syndicate Room 6 at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, which is just off the M40 at Junction 12. Our visit will coincide with the Gaydon Spring Classic, for 20-year old vehicles and GT40s. There's also day 2 of the UK Slot Car Festival at Gaydon on that day, which should be popular with younger (and older) family members. For details please look in the Events Section on the Web Site. Come out to the AGM to support your Club and a chance to give a vote of confidence to your Managing Committee.
Tony Hunt

Birmingham Restoration Show - April 12-13
- Member's Special Offer

We would like to offer your club members an exclusive discounted ticket offer to the show and would be interested in promoting the show on your website.
To read the flyer click here.
The discount code will be displayed in the Member's Area of our website, this allows your members to come to this exciting new show for just 11. Regards
Freya Perry,
Clarion Events

New....GT40 Register....New

In the Members Area, we have updated the GT40 Register. There are 887 listings and almost 10,000 images. The Register table is much more functional, now you can sort by field and download the GT40 Register car list. This is private information so we would ask that you to protect it as you do the Membership Directory.

The source data is from Tim Martin, our Treasurer. However, we need your help because we may not have the latest information on all the 40's. If you have pictures, know of any lost cars or have any changes to what we have please let me know. To contact the Webmaster, click here.

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Classic Car - Circuit des Remparts - Sept. 2011

Orginal Sound Track of 1966 LeMans Race

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